40 Fox Odendaal St, Lephalale, 0555


014 763 2104

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To God and His Word only, we give honour in our school and in our lives.

We are loyal towards our nation, language and tradition.

We are loyal towards our school: we work for the good name and honour of our school.

We want to live our lives so that we are pure in body and in spirit, true to the demands of our conscience.

We honour and respect our parents and teachers.

We accept all the authority commissioned over us.

We strive to always to be honest and sincere.

We are always ready to serve.

We want to be friendly and courteous towards each other.

We want to use the talents God gave us so that we do every task as if we are doing it for God Himself.

We strive for the everlasting, not the temporary.

Our word is our honour.